Sunday, March 30, 2014

Body Optimization Results

Xochitl and I met this weekend to measure all of the yoyos we manufactured. We decided to measure the outer diameter of the yoyo that is involved in the snap fit with the ring, as this is the most vital dimension for functionality. The target dimension was 2.3in.

We used two different calipers in order to speed up the process. However, this gave us inconclusive results as the two calipers gave different readings. One set consistently gave readings above 2.3in, and the other consistently gave readings below 2.3in. Although the two calipers gave different readings, it is important to note that the difference in readings between the two are approximately 10-thousandths of an inch, which is an incredibly small difference.

Results are tabulated here. Results to take note of are Percent Dev and Dev Length.

The most important conclusion from our measurements is that all 6 processes we tested in lab produced yoyo's within 0.3% of the target dimension of 2.3in, which is 7-thousandths of an inch. Because this dimension is involved in the snap fit, we believe that it is better to be slightly larger than 2.3in rather than smaller. Process 5 produced the largest yoyo's, as measured by both sets of calipers.

Depending on which caliper you trust, process 5 made yoyo's

  • 0.14% smaller than 2.3in
  • or, 0.20% larger than 2.3in
We will be discussing these results with Dave and Dave later in the week to determine which process to use in the final production run. 

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