Friday, March 7, 2014

Body Mold Update

Xochitl and I met today to make revisions on the yo-yo body. Several changes were made to the design:
  • Re-dimensioned the center hole for the nut: 0.5" diameter, and made the hole slightly longer
  • Re-dimensioned the center hole for the press fit, such that there is 0.005" clearance for the pin to be press fit
  • Removed some of the center material to keep uniform thickness



With the design revised, we made the molds. Xochitl determined the percent shrinkage we expect to see based on taking measurements from previous yo-yos with similar features. We determined a shrinkage of about 2.3%. To make the molds on Solidworks we followed a tutorial:

Here are our molds:


The next steps to take are to make dimensioned drawings of the two molds, and to Mastercam the tool paths to manufacture the molds.

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